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The Humming Bird and Ice Mountains
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After a tough and stressful week at work, I met up with some friends for dinner to unwind, chillax and prepare for the weekend.

First stop was at a local, very trendy and hipster Vietnamese cafe. It’s the only one of its kind in town, serving both food and amazingly deliciously unique cocktails that are both intriguing and delightful on the tastebuds. My tummy is very happy today.

Soft shell crab and cold noodle salad with tamarind sauce. Anything cold is a must in this desert-like heat wave we’ve been having lately. Thank god it’s starting to rain (finally!) And cool down some, but still remaining warm and sunny. Next to it is a rectangle of super soft and fluffy Japanese cheesecake. I think all cakes should be like this. Unfortunately I only remembered to take a pic after I’d started eating it. Oops.

The Humming Bird. Refreshing, zesty, slightly fruity with a strong enough kick without being too much, smoothed over with a sweet and very fruity base. And of course I took the origami humming bird home as a souvenir.

Matcha shaved ice. Now this may look a little like the Korean Patbingsu, but really it’s more like a mysterious treasure hunt. The more you eat, the more you’ll discover. As I ate, relishing the relief that the coldness brought and cooled down the intense humidity of tonight, I discovered there were tapioca balls of various sizes and colours, sliced bananas and sweet red beans all buried beneath! The Matcha ice cream was yummy, and they also give you a little jug of extra Matcha syrup with the dessert. Cold and heavenly.

My friend had the mango shaved ice. Just as nice, sweet and fruity, it also had the same buried treasures that mine had.

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