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SAO: Ordinal Scale
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Warning contains spoilers.

Finally watched this film, and have to say it deserves 10/10. It has everything from action, fantasy sci-fi and even a sprinkling of romance. Having seen both season 1 and 2, it was time to watch the film, which doesn’t disappoint.

You’d think people would have learned their lesson after the tragic events of both seasons, but then where would the film be without this flaw? The allure of VR, AR and the like, is just too great much like Pandora’s box. And the reasons for the evil plots just become more and more twisted.

So it starts pretty much where the characters left off. The media is super hyped about he launch of yet another VR product, this time claiming AR is better and safer. And all the surviving SAO gang all get one , free, of course. There’s also hype about a VR singer and her upcoming concert , combined with the usual raid battles. Aside of the lack of learning from people, the plot thickens then twists and turns nicely, keeping you glued for what happened a next. Asuna becomes a victim yet again, and Kirito has to figure things out before its too late. Some new bosses are impressive, especially the last boss. The biggest twist is what happens to people when they get “killed” on the game, and what they lose… And let’s not forget the mysterious girl in white who floats around, giving kirito cyptic clues.

Towards the end where they figjt the last boss, the action is so fast you can’t afford to blink as those fight sequences happen one after the other like BAM! BAM! BAM!

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