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Infinity Wars
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May contain some spoilers.

The film was awesome!!!! So it picks up where it left off in terms of the very end clip of what happened at the very end of the 3rd Thor film. Thor and some of his people managed to escape a burning Asgard and flee to safety.

This film begins in a place that is 98% destroyed, Thor is beaten to a pulp and Loki… Is being Loki. This is the only time we see him…. Them the ship is enabled in purple mist courtesy of Thanos’s power. I thought hope this isn’t the annoying kind of film where they tell you how it ends, then you spend the next couple hours watching how its gonna end. Like,no, I wanna watch it all right from the very beginning and then get to the ending.

Anyhow, the usual sarky marvel humour is sprinkled throughout the film, and it’s one surprised after another. There are multiple battles taking place in different locations; half the team and Thanos on Titan, and the other half of the team fighting monsters in Wakanda. They split the time for each battle fairly equally, keeping you on the edge of your seats by showing the good guys fighting to come out on top, but then another problem crops up but then never give in. They keep fighting on.

Dr Strange used his ability to see all the futures to find out if they could win. Out of 14 million futures, there was only one… And right at the end where something mysterious starts happening to random people (and half of the team) Dr Strange says,

“It was the only way…”

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