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Winter Soldier
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Captain America - Winter Soldier


Just been to watch Captin America: The Winter Soldier. I must say I’m impressed. For a sequel film it’s actually very good, and is even better than the first. This 2nd one actually has got meat in it. A lot of meat. The identity of the winter soldier didn’t surprise me.. and if you’re thinking it, then yes you’re right!

So what happened to Nick Fury? Well… lets just say that if they can bring Coulson back from the dead in the Shield series, then they can work their magic on Fury. It’s an interesting turn of events when friends turn into foes and foes…. just got badder and can kick your ass harder!

I’m sure Scarlette Johanssons’ figure/waistline is a lot sharper/defined in this than when she was in The Avengers. I’m not saying shes fat, but she was a lot more curvier then. Now shes a lot more trimmer, but still retains her curves.

Poor Chris Evans looked older in this at start of film. Then on close ups, not really that much older. Maybe in far shots, his skin just looks a bit more.. weather worn/dry?

Hyrda raises its ugly head once again in this 2nd installment, an it’s done in quite a clever way too. The action is very cool and just wow. The overall impact is high, so are expectations and they do deliver! The Falcon is also very cool. Makes me wish I could zip around in the sky like that too.

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