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The Vampire Diaries
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The other day I watched a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I was told it was like Twilight and apart from the obvious, it does have alot of similarities to Twilight in the pilot episode. For example the vampires can walk in broad daylight. They can survive on other blood besides a human’s. It’s in high school and the guy is a vampire and the girl a human. In terms of ratings, I would put this and some other vampy titles in the following order; The Vampire Diaries, then Twilight, then True Blood.


True Blood exploded onto tv screens creating a big fanbase, and would probably have the same effect when it airs over here soon. This series may come across as the adult/x-rated/graphic version of Twilight, and a total rip-off in terms of characters and plot. More like a role reversal rather than a different spin on the same story. For example the human girl is the one who can read minds, but can’t read vampire minds cue the fascination with ‘Bill’ the lead guy. Bill is the undead one and… is simply obsessed with the mind reading human. However it does retain some traditional aspects of vampire folklore. He can’t go in direct sunlight, sleeps in coffins and silver burns his skin.

On the other hand The Vampire Diaries seems better, because although I have only seen a few episodes it does seem promising. The beginning of a complex storyline in which the heroine Elena (Nina Dobrev) looks identical to a girl from our leading guy Stefan’s past (Paul Wesley). He appears to have a brother-complex with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), the bad boy vampire. Also, broody hottie Stefan seems to be the good vamp trying to change what he is, and his brother Damon is hell bent on taunting Stefan. Damon appears to have something up his sleeve… Cast wise I like the accent the actors have (not sure which state accent). Stefan and Damon look very familiar… just can’t place them or remember why they look familiar. Damon bears some resemblance to the actor who plays Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl. It could be the sharp blue eyes maybe? Ah, I remember now; Ian Somehalder played Boon in Lost.

Back to the topic; The Vampire Diaries is probably aimed more at teens than adults, the most obvious being True Blood is very graphic and bloody. The storyline to TVP is getting interesting as is the building tension between the two vampire guys.

Well I will just have to continue watching TVP to find out if it is more than just-another-vampire-series.

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