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Surrogates – would you have one?
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If you haven’t seen this already then I really recommend that you go see it. Although a sci-fi story it doesn’t contain too much sci-fi jargon so you won’t get lost half way into the film.

Set in the future where its become the norm to have humanoids, Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent solving a murder case with his partner, Peters. The idea is that people only interact with each other through and using Surrogates aka humanoids. But there are some who are against this break through idea, choosing to live as themselves in their own bodies. However there is a storm brewing in this seemingly perfect utopia. A string of murdered people killed through their Surrogates shatters this illusion of perfection.

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that with Surrogates, everyone who is connected to one, are all connected to one another like computers are via the internet. After a major dispute the creator of Surrogates has a change of heart about his revolutionary creation, cue an action-packed thriller storyline.

If this were a reality, I would have a Surrogate. It would be like having a real life alter-ego, where you simply transferred your mind into the body of your choice, with the looks and image you desire. Also if the Surrogate gets damaged or dies, you don’t die unless… well you will know if you watch the film. With a Surrogate, you can have a younger, fitter version of yourself, or change your look completely. Maybe even change age or genders if you so prefer.

I was having a debate about this with the friend I went to watch it with. They said they wouldn’t have one, in case something were to happen to you, however they would have a robotic servant. Whereas I would have a Surrogate, but not a robotic servant. Somehow the idea of having a robotic servant makes me think about I-Robot; if the A.I is made to be intelligent enough to think for itself, then the risk it will hurt you for its own agenda will always be there. Because if you don’t have to govern it, then who does? At least with a Surrogate, you can control it.

So would you have one? I know I would.

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3 Comments to “Surrogates – would you have one?”

  1. your site is good!…

    your site is good!…

  2. Sal Hartt says:

    I dont generally leave comments on sites….but this article is about my most liked actor in the universe….i know people frequently say awful things or dissaprove of different life choices,these actors might make…but one thing is for sure that the acting skills and the movies they make are top notch……

  3. Impressive post! THANK YOU!