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Mary And The Witche’s Flower
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(Image taken from the trailer here –

Another promise of a magical anime adventure. Very reminiscent of what makes Studio Ghibli the holy grail of aniime films, not least in terms of the animation and amazing colours (and only they have what I like to call “The Miyozaki Magic“), this new feature will delight anime lovers and it’s also family friendly.

Now the surprise is, at least for me, is that its not actually created by the famed Ghibli studio itself!! While watching it I was reminded a lot of some of my favourites, Howl’s Moving Castle, a little bit of Princess Mononuke but very much of Laputa Castle In The Sky. The story itself starts of very promising, but as you watch, the story becomes like a lot of generic and common fantasy magical stories with a girl who discovers she has powers. It sort of loses its pisazz or spunk as it moves along, and by the end it just about has a satisfactory ending. It just had too many references to many of the Ghibli classics, but otherwise the drawing, colours, and effects were beautiful. I’m looking forward to their next venture, hopeful for some more originality in terms of the storytelling.

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