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In Time
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I’ve watched this film a coupe weeks ago, and I must say… that it is… AMAZING!! The plot, the story, acting, everything! Well the story especially, because as the saying goes ‘time is money’ but how about when it also becomes ‘money is time’? The simple idea that in a world where there are only the wealthy and very poor, and where the only currency is time itself, where it can really buy you immortality, and you stop aging at the age of 25… but where even necessities such as coffee, rent and the bus ride to work will cost you, well, time. Then it really does become a matter of life and death, for you will only live for as long as the amount of time on your arm, which is always counting down since you turned 25. This has gripped my attentiong and imagination so strongly, that I was looking for the book version of this… sadly it is only a film. Still, it’s a brilliant idea that isn’t too far fetched which is what tends to happen to a lot of sci-fi futuristic films. Oh and you have to commend Amanda Seyfried for being able to run like an athlete… in 5 inch heels.


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