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Days Of Future Past
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Minor Spoiler alert.


This film is so awesome!!

It’s so much better than the first prequel. More action, adrenaline, excitement! It’s one of those rare 2nd films in a trilogy, where it actually doesn’t disappoint by becoming a dull and boring filler before the grand final film.

Surprising additions to the cast are Chinese celebrity actress Fan Bingbing, and Booboo Stewart (Seth from Twilight) plays Warpath, who’s super powers make him more like a superhuman; stronger, faster etc. Bingbing plays Blink, who I feel should become a more permanent character to the main cast, because she has the amazing super power of creating portals!

The Story, then, presents a really dire situation with the end of the mutants from Sentinels, all hang on Wolverine’s shoulders.

He’s only the most unpredictable and moody of them all. But probably because he’s also the only one who’s immortal and can withstand Xavier’s mind bending powers to send him into the past,  that he’s the man. The film show how one murder by Mystique then led to the creation of these “Sentinels” machines who track an kill mutants, and it’s Wolverine’s job to stop the apocalyptic future from happening.

I read a review that its so so, the action is alright but overall they tried to cram too much into too little time. But I disagree. as far as Marvel superhero films go, this one doesn’t disappoint.

Spoiler – the end after credits are cool – the pyramids were built by – yes you guessed it – a mutant!

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