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I was browsing to see what films were on at the cinemas, and noticed a small advert for a new film called Daybreakers. The image was of a pale vampire woman drinking from a milk bottle with a tagline ‘45% pure human blood’, and the words Be Positive. Available every blood is sold’. Intrigued I clicked on it and saw a very fancy intro to this film. One liners about blood banks, a big vampire society and blood storage may sound like a collaboration between the SAW series and other horror stories, but it also had something else; it was slick. It has more cold and blue tones than Twilight, and the actors don’t look like they’re wearing white foundation. Even though it’s not due for release until January 8th, this only proves that the vampire/fantasy genre is still going strong, and probably will be for some time.

The plot creates an alternate world in terms of vampire films as of late. It’s a place where most of the population are vampires, and only a handful of humans still survive. Nothing new still, but the new twist comes where you discover about blood banks and storing blood; humans are hunted and farmed for the precious ruby liquid. This idea seems like The Matrix meets vampire stories, sci-fi meets fantasy, especially the scene where people are, literally, strapped to machines which suck them dry…

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  4. This film looks pretty interesting.. I don’t think I ever saw it advertised but the title does sound familiar.. I’ll add it to y list of films to watch soon.

    Have you ever watched True Blood? That series is AMAZING! All about vampires etc as well.

    • Madmoiselle says:

      hey! i have but i find it too pornographic for my taste lol. prefer the vampire diaries.

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