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Are you HUNGRY?!
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hunger games mocking jay

Wow. Just been to see the Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire. And it is definitely better than the first one! Usually the 2nd film of a trilogy or a series of films is mediocre, so-so, kinda blah, like a filler, but this by far surpasses the first one! Much better action, twists, you really feel for the characters as they struggle and fight with everything they’ve got.

The fighting arena is actually much smaller than the whole dome that you can see, which tells you that this could possibly get ugly! I mean, 12? people all fighting for their lives, in such a small space…. victors or not, survival means anything goes. Or does it? I haven’t read the books for The Hunger Games, so I don’t know how true it is to the books, but film-wise the story seems to move smoothly enough. The new characters, or victors, are an interesting bunch; you have the two weird but crazy geniuses Wiress and Beetee; I really liked them, because as the phrase goes “there’s method to the madness.” There’s peacock boy Finnick and old lady Mags, and Johanna who seems like a gifted if schizo assassin type. you don’t want to cross her path, although it would help to have her on your side.

From facing hostile baboons, acid blood rain and a poisonus bog (couldn’t they have just climbed up?! Considering how the peacock guy was carrying the granny like she weighed nothing). This Quarter Quell Hunger Games will have you glued to the edge of your seat!


And if you’ve watched it, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that the grand plan is just… Wow. It all lead to this. And… its finally happening.



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