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Jamie’s italian
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Recently I went to Jamie’s Italian with a bunch of friends. The food looked and tasted sooo good, that I thought I’d share it with you. I will try and describe what each dish is!

Here it is! Jamie’s Italian!

From where we sat, we could see this; and yes they do cut all the bread here.

No we weren’t gonna open these ourselves and eat them…

…because they were gonna use it to support this! The Meat Antipasti Plank:Seasonal Cured Meat. A mouth-watering meat and salami sharing platter with San Daniele prosciutto (the huge slice of ham)  Schiacciata piccante pistachio mortadella, Tuscan fennel salami, (did you know a part of old Italy used to write on this song-bread? It was very thinly rolled bread because they didn’t used to have paper. Imagine that; you receive a letter, read it, then eat it! Talk about eco-friendly, haha).

This is Wild Boar Salami.

This is Scallop and Squid Ink Angel Hair.

I had this dish! It’s called Rabbit Ragu Pappardelle,

and was very delicious and filling. The rabbit tasted a little like lamb in texture.

South Coast Fritto Misto, a mixture of delicious fried seafood with tartar sauce. The golden wiry thing is fried spaghetti!



Chocolate espresso tart.

Baked Walnut Tart with ‘rippled creme fraiche’.

Mixed Ice Creams; there was hazelnut, vanilla, and a honeycomb flavour. The red thing is actually rhubarb.

Annnnd the aftermath!





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