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Categories: Art, Dezign, Fashion, Graphix, My Wish List | Comments Off on Interactive T-shirts   Ok so you can by all sorts of fashion today, even the humble t-shirt has a myriad of design choices to offer, from metallic prints, hollographic, 3D, texture and so on. But how about an interactive t-shirt? These t-shirts by Shikisai are interactive because they have printed designs in simple black and white, […]

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Just in case your tea time becomes somewhat dull and boring, I thought these would definitely bring the fun back into tea drinking. Plus it could prove to be an interesting talking point during a get together with friends. A little on the erotic side maybe, the uniquely cute and kitsch illustrations of naked girls […]

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By French designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi, these are from her NOWHERE collection. The way the jewellery’s been photographed, especially on her website, make me think of a fierce and independant tribal warrior Queen, whose style is influenced by both her surroundings and lifestyle. It’s as if the very tribal nature is reflected in the jewellery, and […]

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Nowadays anything is pretty much… possible. At Uni I knew about some fashion students who were using the new laser-cutting machine to create beautiful yet intricate lace designs on their creations. It’s amazing because this machine will translate the students designs while also saving them precious time. But have you heard of, or even seen, […]

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Girls love shoes… and guys love cars… So what would happen if you combined the two? Smoking hot heels!  Tim Cooper is the brains behind such an innovative concept, bringing two different loves together. He has created two car inspired designs so far, the first being a Lamborgini.   The second idea is a police […]