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Categories: Art, Dezign, Music, My Wish List | Comments Off on Ozaki Grama iphone Dock   Some friends showed me some really cool DAB radios for the iPhone, and they do look very trendy. I saw this design amongst the list of new gadgets for the iPhone, and I’m impressed because not only is it an iPhone dock to charge your smartphone, going by the design alone, the […]

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Whilst I was doing some research into what the makeup trends will be for this year, I found some really creative false eyelash designs, and a rising interest in the novel idea of having feather eyelashes. But then i came across something really interesting but also a little weird; LED eyelashes! A woman called Soomi […]

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Saw this and thought it deserves a mention on here. It’s pretty clear that the main inspiration could be from Japanese Manga, because of the faceless dancers but mostly because of Britney’s white tent-like dress, which… has hands poking out from inside! All the wires and tv screens also give it that very techy impression.

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When I first heard about this sort of thing that Japan had a couple years ago, I was in awe and wished we could also have this technology. I thought it was cool, and undoubtedly it would make life that little bit more convenient. But now that it’s here, and some mobile companies are gearing […]

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What do you get, when you have a water company like Evian who asks a designer like Issey Miyake to design a limited edition bottle? A super surreal and psychedelic advertisment, one which blurs the boundaries between normal and fantasy.

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This is what I’d imagine the world to look like if it really went digital, in the literal sense.

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No I’m not just taking the mickey out of the famous Orange slogan (but it is funny though). And after watching this video about how in the future, everything we see, do and touch can all depend on a glass interface. You might be thinking that it’s not really such a big deal or new […]