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  When I was searching for more information about 3D Japanese nail art, I came across something about Korean nail art. It seems there isn’t a lot of images available on the subject, unlike Japanese 3D nail art. I was hoping there was so I could compare the two and see which is more creative […]

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I want their stylist!! Very sassy, trendy w=and with the right amount of bling!

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These are some stills taken from Chanel’s advertising campaign created by Peter Philips, Who is director at the chic French fashion house. It was made for Nowness.  

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Summer… It’s the time of sun, sand and sea. Either abroad or somewhere local, you go to soak up some sun and maybe build some sand castles. Well forget that, because after you’ve seen this guy Jim Denevan‘s artwork in the sand, you might want to have a go yourself! The intricate and cool patterns […]

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While browsing on some of my favourite blogs, I came across these works of art by BLEACH London, and I think they’re fab! Alex Brownsell, the creative director of the London salon responsible for making tie-dye, technicoloured hair that’s more colourful than Jacobs techni-coloured raincoat look cool, has opened his open salon spot in Topshop’s […]

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These amazing and fierce finger rings are created by Danielle Nicole Hills , a designer in New York, New York.  Wearing these would be great for a dress up party, but at $200 each (or $900 for the 5 piece set) they’re not cheap. Still, there’s not denying they’ll definitely make a bold statement. Why […]

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  This is the branded perfume tester paper for the new YSL perfume, Parisienne. Ths perfume itself is a very sweet floral mix, contained in a pinky-purple bottle, with a gold stopper and gold and black label. Mainly I just wanted to say how I love ths two-tone 80’s ish print of a rose. Very […]