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While browsing on the shopping emporium that is ASOS, I found the uber cool label SUPERTRASH with beautiful and floaty clothes that are perfect for the summer, and especially for festivals. They’re just so gorgeous! If I was 2 feet taller I’d be wearing the dresses, but instead I’ll be rocking the other things like […]

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Thought the art of origami is just folding paper into shapes? Think again as these creatives show you what else can be done just by folding paper! Le Sweatshop Completely impractical, but aren’t nearly all beautiful things?   Zoe Bradley; British artist and designer. In Raffles Beijing – Richard Nicoll, and Phi – Spring 2009 […]

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Fashion Designers nowadays make beautifully ornate shoes to adorn your feet (just think about the practicality later…) But then, what is practicallity when shoes look so gorgeous? These Origami shoes are a little 80’s what with their bold bright colours and big chunky shapes, but these are literally works of art. I myself admire the […]

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Girls love shoes… and guys love cars… So what would happen if you combined the two? Smoking hot heels!  Tim Cooper is the brains behind such an innovative concept, bringing two different loves together. He has created two car inspired designs so far, the first being a Lamborgini.   The second idea is a police […]

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  The other week on the radio, I heard the people at the Ugg company are making….. yes you might have guessed it, Uggs for men! As if there aren’t already lots of women’s products creating a more “masculine” version for their counterparts. Originally it was worn by men first, but then became hugely popular […]