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I stumbled upon this very talented Ceramic Artist, Hayoon Kim. Ceramics are usually just the bog standard everyday kitchen ware and even utensils that a lot of us use everyday. She’s not the only one to use this medium to create works of art, but still I find the end results to be pretty amazing. […]

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So you’ve seen what people have made using Lego as inspiration to make food. How about what people can create making food with Lego?  Now this is what I call creative!   Dim sum. Mmm sashimi! Sadly I didn’t make these, but they do look cool in a pixelated way! (image source   No… […]

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Elizabeth Delfs is a genius; sculptural etheral fashion. It all looks so floaty and weightless, and some of the coloured pieces are great too. See for yourself.

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I stumbled upon Iris van Herpen, a fashion designer born in The Netherlands in 1984, who creates ethereal and whimsical outfits which looks like they belong to an art film such as the House of Flying Daggers; and the tribal and fierce designs worthy of a Quentin Tarentino film. There is even a ballerina like […]

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I like this piece of… art? Sculpture-made-with-matchsticks? Because having studied a little about Fine Art, sometimes I can see the meaning behind a piece or it conjures up a lot of different thoughts and ideas. This is such a piece. It’s called Matches:Passion and was created by Pei-San Ng, and she’s a Taiwanese born architectural […]