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(Spoiler alert)   It’s cold. It’s getting dark. Halloween is around the corner. What better than to watch a gothic film? what looked like a rehash, of an over-rehashed film, was suprisingly good. combing gothic fantasy, some action and a sprinkling of romance, it made for a cool film. It does have some cheesy elements, […]

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Minor Spoiler alert.   This film is so awesome!! It’s so much better than the first prequel. More action, adrenaline, excitement! It’s one of those rare 2nd films in a trilogy, where it actually doesn’t disappoint by becoming a dull and boring filler before the grand final film. Surprising additions to the cast are Chinese […]

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  I’ve watched this film a coupe weeks ago, and I must say… that it is… AMAZING!! The plot, the story, acting, everything! Well the story especially, because as the saying goes ‘time is money’ but how about when it also becomes ‘money is time’? The simple idea that in a world where there are […]

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Saw this and thought it deserves a mention on here. It’s pretty clear that the main inspiration could be from Japanese Manga, because of the faceless dancers but mostly because of Britney’s white tent-like dress, which… has hands poking out from inside! All the wires and tv screens also give it that very techy impression.

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They say that we can only access a mere 20% of our brains. So why can’t we use our full potential, and have access to all 100% of our brains? Isn’t that why we’ve evolved so much and come so far? Imagine what we could do as individuals, and what we can achieve as a […]

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No I’m not just taking the mickey out of the famous Orange slogan (but it is funny though). And after watching this video about how in the future, everything we see, do and touch can all depend on a glass interface. You might be thinking that it’s not really such a big deal or new […]

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  I was browsing to see what films were on at the cinemas, and noticed a small advert for a new film called Daybreakers. The image was of a pale vampire woman drinking from a milk bottle with a tagline ‘45% pure human blood’, and the words Be Positive. Available every blood is sold’. Intrigued […]

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If you haven’t seen this already then I really recommend that you go see it. Although a sci-fi story it doesn’t contain too much sci-fi jargon so you won’t get lost half way into the film. Set in the future where its become the norm to┬áhave humanoids, Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent solving […]