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Just how cool would it be to have light bulbs like these in your house? Granted it won’t be as cheap as your average energy -saving light bulb, but if you’re going to design your own house from scratch, for example, then I would push the boat out and get at least one of these! […]

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This is one of my fave hang outs, the one and only pub that I go to because nearly all the others are like smelly old men pubs – filled with smelly (old) men! Well, I like this one because it’s CLEAN, fairly LIGHT and AIRY. Plus it has kooky furniture from bygone eras or […]

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A friend was telling me about a new range of jewellery they had discovered, called Furry Bones. I find them cute in a wacky way. You’d need a sense of humour to wear these, as they’re probably not for everybody. As for me? I’d wear them! It also reminds me of an old cartoon that […]

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Ah yes. Welcome back Mr. Sunshine! We’ve missed you so much over these past cold, dreary, windy Winter days! The photo was taken last Friday, and last week was so sunny and warm, it made me feel like I was back in Marbella again… I guess no matter where you live, having some sunshine will […]

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A couple of my friends are getting married soon, three friends this year, and one next year, (one is only a year older, and the others are a few years older than me). Nearly every time I see them, or when there is a big get together, the sort where everybody who’s anybody actually turns […]

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Now this is what I call creative cooking! I bet they person who made this thought of both the presentation and the flavours of this dish. True it might not be worthy of a Michelin Star, but it will make people smile and debate about whether to eat it or not. I think this takes […]