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Who says that Summer is over? Cling onto that last bit of sunshine with this catchy tune from Glasto last year!

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Something to help ease you into Autumn. It’s a little sad I know, having to say goodbye to Summer Sunshine, but at least it’s still sunny for the time being. So kick back with a cool drink, and let this welcome you into Autumn.

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Summer ain’t over yet! At least not on my blog! This will help you relax as we still have the last of the Summer rays.

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As you may already know, if you are a regular visitor to my blog, or have browsed my music selection, you might have noticed that I have a K-Pop addiction. What is K-Pop? Well it’s Korean Pop music, featuring both solo artists and groups. Mainly artists from South Korea, their music has such a strong […]

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Trying to hang onto the last rays of Summer? Don’t despair, a cool tune is here!

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For all you lovely visitors, plug in your headphones or simply turn up the volume to this amazing chill out track! Perfect for listening to while on the go, while you’re in the sunshine, plus shades and summer gear of course. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! ^_~ .

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This is is pretty amazing, to say that he can sing an entire song with just his voice and mouth alone! I’ve heard beat boxing with just your mouth is a skill in itself, but I think this takes it to another level!

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I discovered this great song whilst driving and listening to the radio yesterday. Listening to this relaxing, chilled out tune on a sunny afternoon like this, it seems to make all your worries and troubles fade away as you travel.