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This eye makeup remover is the best one that I’ve tried so far!  Why? Because although the solution comes in two layers, it claims to be; Non-greasy. Speedy and safe. Suitable for all skin types. Removes even water proof eye makeup easily. Doesn’t irritate the skin area. Usually when a company makes these kind of […]

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  I bought this cleanser because I thought that the green one was working just a little too well, effectively drying out my skin and making it feel dry after using it for a while. I know I have sensitive skin, but it also gets oily on the T-Zone areas, so it’s quite a pain. […]

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GlossyBox vs Graze… I bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about! If you’re a health freak like moi (eating healthily, with the odd indulgence but generally eating a little of everything in moderation) then you might have heard of Graze. You can either claim your free first box of tasty treats and nibbles […]

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Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of my skin. It’s not bad, quite good actually with just the occasionally spot and sometimes it’s a little shiny. But I thought about what I was using cleansing my skin to remove the day’s make-up and dirt. I’ve been using Simple face wipes purely for the convenience […]

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I recently read an interesting article, about how women get a more positive response from people, be it your boss, colleague, your partner or even friends, just by wearing make-up. The article talks about how the more make-up a woman wears, the more people will think that shes capable and trustworthy. Sure, looking like a […]

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Whilst I was doing some research into what the makeup trends will be for this year, I found some really creative false eyelash designs, and a rising interest in the novel idea of having feather eyelashes. But then i came across something really interesting but also a little weird; LED eyelashes! A woman called Soomi […]

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Also on the fashion radar is another make-up trend; the false lower lashes. Maybe avoid using feather lashes to avoid looking like a Panda like Agyness Deyn though! Zac Posen Spring 2011 Angela Chang (image source: Phillip Lim   Agyness Deyn

While I was looking at what the new make-up trends are for S/S 2011, I found these! This is a new trend that I’ve caught wind of! Never mind using ordinary false eyelashes, or even fancy ones; why bother blending in when you can use feather eyelashes and really make a statement? Shu Uemura Wearing […]

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I was looking through a fashion and lifestyle magazine the other day, and read about the latest make-up trends. So I decided to look it up in more detail on Google. And I discovered these gorgeous finds! Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura Shu Uemura; Tokyo Lash Bar   Kakuyasu Ushiide

And here we thought la Moss’s star was starting to fade… well that was the rumour, along with the one about her contract with Topshop coming to an end…  She still looks amazing and imagine having a boudoir like that, with prized haute couture pieces just littered everywhere! Well here it is!