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Ah I love the singer’s voice, so much emotion! It really makes such a huge difference when singers sing with real emotion instead of just ‘saying’ the words in tune. Oh and his style is hot! FTIsland are so cool! I’ll warn you though… it’s a very sad MV! But then it wouldn’t be a […]

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Just watch… and remember it’s just an MV! Cool huh?! All those bright coloured lines remind me of Tron, and story of a guy creating a humanoid robot reminds me of a really old Godzilla movie, where a mad scientist creates a robot that looks and acts like a real girl, but her insides are […]

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As you may already know, if you are a regular visitor to my blog, or have browsed my music selection, you might have noticed that I have a K-Pop addiction. What is K-Pop? Well it’s Korean Pop music, featuring both solo artists and groups. Mainly artists from South Korea, their music has such a strong […]

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Well, what can I say? I love how cool, trendy and cute all of the guys look, espcially Seungri and T.O.P! ^^ Oh and the video is great too! Overall a fab tune! But what I wanted to say, was that when i first discovered Big Bang, I thought that they made really interesting MV’s […]