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I’ve only just recently discovered this group! I first heard about them on a English written K-pop website, which featured the song “Severely“. Curiosity made me check it out, and I’ve been totally addicted to that song by this K-pop group FTIsland! Now I think FTIsland has been around for just a while longer than […]

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Ah I love the singer’s voice, so much emotion! It really makes such a huge difference when singers sing with real emotion instead of just ‘saying’ the words in tune. Oh and his style is hot! FTIsland are so cool! I’ll warn you though… it’s a very sad MV! But then it wouldn’t be a […]

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There’s no, no, no, no more tomorrow, till you come back. Everyday is yesterday… Tablo. And Taeyang. In the same sentence. In the same music video?! Tablo is kind of a Korean rapping legend, and Taeyang a star (let’s not forget a hottie too!) in his own right, so when these two teamed up to […]

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All I can say.. is that Miryo is the Korean Nicki Minaji. Miryo was part of one of south Korea’s popular girlbands the Brown Eyed Girls, and she has now gone solo. Within the group she was the rapper and now having gone solo, she flexes her rapping skills and shows the world she can […]

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I want their stylist!! Very sassy, trendy w=and with the right amount of bling!

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This guy’s voice is just so dreamy… really velvety smooth and deep. I’d say he is like the Korean version of Michael Buble! The singer here is Alex Chu, one of the South Korean trio Clazziquai. He’s released two solo albums (they haven’t split up, I don’t think, just doing solo projects). I have his […]

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Just watch… and remember it’s just an MV! Cool huh?! All those bright coloured lines remind me of Tron, and story of a guy creating a humanoid robot reminds me of a really old Godzilla movie, where a mad scientist creates a robot that looks and acts like a real girl, but her insides are […]

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As a fan of K-Pop, aka Korean Pop songs, my love for this music has grown to expand beyond the relms of BoA and Rain (though I still like them). Somehow, through some searching on YouTube for other K-Pop or J-Pop, I have stumbled upon a new South Korean trio called Clazziquai, who are also […]

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Love the song, it reminds me of Epik High’s old materials, yet still has something about it which makes it new and different. The video is a different story though… very dark..

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As you may already know, if you are a regular visitor to my blog, or have browsed my music selection, you might have noticed that I have a K-Pop addiction. What is K-Pop? Well it’s Korean Pop music, featuring both solo artists and groups. Mainly artists from South Korea, their music has such a strong […]