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  I’ve watched this film a coupe weeks ago, and I must say… that it is… AMAZING!! The plot, the story, acting, everything! Well the story especially, because as the saying goes ‘time is money’ but how about when it also becomes ‘money is time’? The simple idea that in a world where there are […]

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No I’m not just taking the mickey out of the famous Orange slogan (but it is funny though). And after watching this video about how in the future, everything we see, do and touch can all depend on a glass interface. You might be thinking that it’s not really such a big deal or new […]

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If you haven’t seen this already then I really recommend that you go see it. Although a sci-fi story it doesn’t contain too much sci-fi jargon so you won’t get lost half way into the film. Set in the future where its become the norm to┬áhave humanoids, Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent solving […]