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  Hey it’s Valentines Day! How are you spending this special day? Whether you’re loved up or single, whether you think it’s a special day to spend with your special someone, or that it’s an over-rated commercial day, there’s no doubt everyone is talking about it. True that nearly all businesses out there are buzzing […]

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GlossyBox vs Graze… I bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about! If you’re a health freak like moi (eating healthily, with the odd indulgence but generally eating a little of everything in moderation) then you might have heard of Graze. You can either claim your free first box of tasty treats and nibbles […]

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If like me you’re a sushi lover, needing a regular trip to a Japanese restaurant to get your sushi fix, you’ll probably have noticed that sushi in itself is a type of art form. It’s presented in a way to look like art with clean lines and with harmonious elements, in terms of flavour, texture […]

These fantastic sweet creations are made by Italian born still life photographer Massimo Gammacurta, who worked together with luxury fashion houses to create this series of edible brands. My favourite is the MTV one, especially how the colour blends together and it dripped sideways.

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It’s safe to say that in the past year or so, cupcakes have had a sweet moment in fashion. It’s their time to shine, look amazing and… get munched! I have to say that most of these creations by world famous fashion designers are, for the most part, look extremely yummy! My favourites are the […]

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When I go for a coffee, I’m always interested in what kind of coffee art the barista will do on my coffee. Usually it’s just the logo of the coffee shop that you’re in, such as a coffee bean for Costa, or maybe just a sprinkling of coffee powder. So I was browsing to see […]

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Aren’t these retro sweets just so cool! I was walking around the city today and discovered an old fashioned sweet shop, complete with wooden shelves filled with plastic containers which had all sorts of sweets in them. Most were old favourites I used to buy from my local corner shop. Thought I’d have a look […]

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This is one of my fave hang outs, the one and only pub that I go to because nearly all the others are like smelly old men pubs – filled with smelly (old) men! Well, I like this one because it’s CLEAN, fairly LIGHT and AIRY. Plus it has kooky furniture from bygone eras or […]

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Last month on a Bank Holiday, we decided to have a family day out, and someone suggested we go to Chatsworth after going to Holme Pier Point to watch pro wakeboarders. After an hour or so driving, we finally arrived at Chatsworth House.

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This is what we did for lunch yesterday; since we had some sunshine, we decided to have an Alfresco lunch outside in the garden. The food was a mixture of salad, fish, and mediterranean vegetables. Almost makes me feel like I’m abroad!