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I think this song should have been the theme tune to the Olympics this year, held in London. The main chorus’s lyrics could be inspirational and to symbolize every athlete’s desire and ambition to win gold for their country.

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Now usually when Western singers, artists, designers or the like try to create something ‘Asian style’ it tends to end up looking very Chinoiserie instead. But Rihanna and Chris from Coldplay seem to have done a fantastic job in this video for Princess of China, which although has a strong Chinese influence, from the costume […]

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Ooh yeah! This oozes that summer clubbing vibe! (And yes the video is a little freaky but hey ho..)

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Ah I love the singer’s voice, so much emotion! It really makes such a huge difference when singers sing with real emotion instead of just ‘saying’ the words in tune. Oh and his style is hot! FTIsland are so cool! I’ll warn you though… it’s a very sad MV! But then it wouldn’t be a […]

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There’s no, no, no, no more tomorrow, till you come back. Everyday is yesterday… Tablo. And Taeyang. In the same sentence. In the same music video?! Tablo is kind of a Korean rapping legend, and Taeyang a star (let’s not forget a hottie too!) in his own right, so when these two teamed up to […]

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While this may not be Rihanna’s usual kind of music, this collaboration just works so well! Here’s the link for the video! (There wasn’t one at the time when I heard about this song, but couple months later and ta daaa!)

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