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And here we thought la Moss’s star was starting to fade… well that was the rumour, along with the one about her contract with Topshop coming to an end…  She still looks amazing and imagine having a boudoir like that, with prized haute couture pieces just littered everywhere! Well here it is!

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This is a fantastic marriage between an old school animation technique, and a international and much loved fashion and beauty brand, Chanel, brought together to create a new approach to advertising make-up. Peter Philips, Chanel’s make-up director was the brains behind this short animated film, using a variety of Chanel’s make-up range and it was […]

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What do you get, when you have a water company like Evian who asks a designer like Issey Miyake to design a limited edition bottle? A super surreal and psychedelic advertisment, one which blurs the boundaries between normal and fantasy.

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If there’s a way to guarentee a good advertising campagin, that would be a strong image to stick in people’s minds long after they’ve seen something. That’s what caught my attention with DKNY’s new EDT fragrance, Candy Apples. It just looks realistic enough to resemble an actual candy apple from the funfair. A child-like design, […]