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What is communication?
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What is communication? Is it sending someone a picture message, a text, or poking them on Facebook? Traditionally it’s when you speak to somebody, in person but usually on the phone. Does anyone actually pick up the phone, and call someone for a chat anymore? How often do you meet up with friends for a long catch up sesh? You could probably say that there are too¬† many ways to communicate now, what with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, but especially with the Iphone.

The Iphone in particular is interesting, because even though you may have a set tariff, apparently there are so many “apps” to allow you to easily keep in touch with your friends and to generally keep your social life flowing as smoothly as possible. For example you can send messages for free, call for free and if you like, even do web cam via FaceTime on the Iphone4. But as we busily create our online profiles and identities, what is going to happen to our real identities?Everything is going ‘online’ nowadays, so it’s only a matter of time before we transfer ourselves online too right? Since our thoughts, feelings, views, opinions and even our relationship statuses are online, only our consciouses are left to be transfered. No i’m not talking about some freaky futuristic sci-fi film, but just a generalisation of our dependance on the internet.

Here’s a video of Megurine Luka, who alongside Hatsune Miku, can communicate with their fans without ever being present. And you couldn’t meet them no matter how much you’re willing to spend. Why? Because they are 3D virtual artists. Similar in a way to The Gorillaz, but arguably better in terms of fluid animation.

Ok so my rambling is starting to sound like Surrogates, The Matrix and the rest, but think about it:

If we can so easily communicate with each other via the internet and smart phones, is there still a need to actually meet up and talk to each other in real life?

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