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This is one my my all time favorites, I have this album virtually on repeat. I find it’s both relaxing and refreshing, because they just seem to have such a unique and new “sound”. Sometimes haunting, and sometimes lively, it’s never dull. Here’s to cheer you up and chase away the Monday stresses!

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There’s no, no, no, no more tomorrow, till you come back. Everyday is yesterday… Tablo. And Taeyang. In the same sentence. In the same music video?! Tablo is kind of a Korean rapping legend, and Taeyang a star (let’s not forget a hottie too!) in his own right, so when these two teamed up to […]

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Don’t wake me, don’t make a sound. I”m only only here… Dreaming out loud… If you are a regular to my blog, firstly, thanks! Keep coming back to see what other new, weird, stylish and trendy things that I spy with my little eye! Another thing, you probably have noticed my penchant obsession with K-Pop. […]

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As with a lot of the cool, slightly edgy and gothic style of music, I’ve found thanks to my love for The Vampire Diaries. This is another gem which I’ve heard playing during the show, in Season 3. Enjoy.

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This song literally grabbed me when I heard it for the very first time. Why? Because the beat is deliciously dark, gothic, with a fast tempo and strong bass. Plus it played during a cool scene in The Vampire Diaries, where Elena enters the ball hosted by The Original Family. This is the scene, where […]

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I saw this in the shop and thought ‘Wow it’s so pretty!’ It’s unique greeny-blue glitter colour is what called out to me. modelsown nail varnishes have always appealed to me, because the colours are great and, although pricey at £5 per bottle, each application will last for at least one whole week if not […]

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As I am on the  hunt for a mushroomy-browny-greyish kind of colour eyeshadow, I found this little gem in Boots. As most of you may well know, Dainty Doll is a make-up brand created by Girls Aloud singer, Nicola Roberts for pale skinned girls such as herself. I am quite pale so I thought this […]