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The Hang Out

This is one of my fave hang outs, the one and only pub that I go to because nearly all the others are like smelly old men pubs – filled with smelly (old) men! Well, I like this one because it’s CLEAN, fairly LIGHT and AIRY. Plus it has kooky furniture from bygone eras or vintage pieces, and hand painted pictures hung on the walls. I once asked a staff about the decor and they told me that the manager lets a pair of Fine Art students (it’s right next to a University) decorate the place! No wonder it’s so eclectic. But I like it this way, it gives it character and a more personal touch than your conventional pub. Oh and did I mention about the delicious food and amazing drinks that they serve? Check out the photos below!

Btw the desserts featured are deeeellliiiccciiiooouuuss! The chocolate brownie is perfect with the vanilla ice cream, but my fave is the raspberry creme fraiche cheesecake. Mmmm…


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