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Mr Simm’s Sweet Shop

┬áThis summer I went to visit family who live┬áby the coast. Like literally, by the coast;, you can see the ocean on the horizon (or seabed, depending on the tide) and it’s only a short 15 minutes walk away to the promenade.When you get there, there is a small throng of shops selling various goods, food stuffs and clothes. Here’s what I found during my last trip there.

All you need now is for Willy Wonka to take you through a secret door to his factory.

Yummy sour Jelly Beans! Although they’re not cheap, it’s rare to see them sold like this. They don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be. But still tasty.

Do you remember these chewy sour sweets? Takes me back to when I was a little kid at school. They’re not so popular now, but at that Mr Simm’s Sweet Shop, they sell all kinds of traditional and old school nostalgia sweets.


The yellow one is sour apple, and the pink one is sour raspberry. I just like to eat sour sweets sometimes, makes a nice change to always eating super sweet sweets. They had all types of flavours, from pear, lemon, orange, mint, and the ones mentioned here.

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