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Skinny Love
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When I first heard this on Radio1 a month or so ago, when they play a new song by an unsigned/unknown artist or band, I thought this was well sung by a girl who calls herself Birdy (Jasmine Van den Bogaerde), who’s just 14 (yes really!), I also thought it was a little depressing/emotional for my liking. However… a couple months later, I heard this again on Radio1. It was late on a warm sunny afternoon, and I was driving home. When this played I thought ‘Hmm.. this is actually a nice song. It suits the mood of the day perfectly.’

The original was sung by an American indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, who created the group called Bon Iver. Now out of curiosity, and also because of the number of commenters on YouTube who say its worse than Birdy’s version, that she’s ‘too mechanical’ etc etc, so I thought I’d check out the original version to see just how “amazing” people claim it to be. And the verdict? I just want to say that’s it’s my own personal opinion when I say the original ‘sounds like a dying cat.’ That’s because, although I’m sure the guy’s putting in his ‘heart and soul’ and what have you, but I don’t think a guy’s voice is particularly suited to an emotional song where lots of high notes would bring more life into it. Cue, Birdy. Bon Iver’s version just sounds too strained, to the point of sounding painful. So anyway, enjoy this selection for Music Mondy!

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1 Comment to “Skinny Love”

  1. I like this song – didn’t realise she was only 14 tho!