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Piano No Mori
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Just finished watching this amazing anime. The English name is Forest of Piano, and yes its another music themed anime. Since I play piano myself watching it gives it more meaning than it simply being “another good show”. With the understanding of piano (though for me it’s more of a hobby), I appreciate both the music player and the struggles of the characters.

It tells the story of a boy, a young prodigy from a poor background who meets a former piano legend through fate, and we’re taken on a ride of his development. One of his friends turned rival is the perfect textbook pianist, wins all the completions but feels inferior to Kai. In my view his friend Amamamiya can play very well, but he doesn’t put any heart or soil into his music, whereas Kai takes you places and makes you feel different emotions by listening to his music.

While it’s another music anime, it’s also got it’s uniqueness in that it’s not the same as other music anime’s, but maybe not strong enough to be in it’s own league like with Tomorrow’s Cantabile. I will tackle that anime one day. A Korean drama version has been made of the popular anime, which is hilarious, cringe-worthy and a little heart warming all at the same time. Music is about expression and about feelings. It’s all well and good to aim for grades and higher if that’s what you want to do, but it’s not a complete being with expression and feeling.

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