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Let It Rain
Categories: Music

I discovered this great song by South Korean girl group, SNSD aka Girls Generation and Soshi, while listening to Seoul FM for my fix of KPop. Sometimes English music (whether British or American) juuust doesn’t quite cut it in terms of quality music with a fresh and funky sound. Don’t get me wrong, artists like Rihanna and Jessie J are great and all that jazz, but if Rihanna didn’t have all that sexual innuendo in her songs, and if Jessie J didn’t wail so much (to sing), English music might actually be more amazing if they sang with more emotion instead. Well that’s just my opinion. It’s just so refreshing when I hear other types of songs like Let It Rain; not every song has to¬† center around sex or wailing just to be considered a good song, and so what if it’s in another language that I don’t understand? Good music doesn’t have to be understood to be appreciated.

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