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As a fan of K-Pop, aka Korean Pop songs, my love for this music has grown to expand beyond the relms of BoA and Rain (though I still like them). Somehow, through some searching on YouTube for other K-Pop or J-Pop, I have stumbled upon a new South Korean trio called Clazziquai, who are also known as the Clazziquai Project. They use lots of various genres to create their experimental music, and to me sound like a blend of Nujabes, Timeless which was made by Sergio Mendes in collaboration with The Black Eyed Peas, and a little bit of Thievery Corporation. It marries Jazz with the chilled out attitude of lounge music complete with a killer bassline. Oh and the male singer has a deep and smooth sexy voice. The female singer has a velvety kind of voice, and their songs have already brainwashed me into becoming a fan.

The band formed in 2001, and due to popular demand amongst internet users, or “netizens”. It wasn’t until they released their first album titled Instant Pig, around 2004, that shot them straight to stardom. More albums followed titled Color Your Soul in 2005, Love Child of the Century in 2007-2008 and Mucho Punk and Mucho Musica around 2009.


Here’s Romeo N Juliet; it’s very calm and relaxing.

Another favourite of mine is Sunshine. It’s just so upbeat, happy and lively.

I am spoiling you aren’t I? Watch this space for more K-Pop invasion!

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1 Comment to “Clazziquai”

  1. LoonyLizard says:

    I’ve been a fan of Clazziquai ever since I heard their song “Be My Love” as the theme for the Kdrama “My Lovely Sam-Soon.” I’m pretty sure as part of that drama’s overwhelming success, they won an award or two for best soundtrack. Me, I just love how the musical diversity is blended together and tempered with a strong ear for what sounds good. Here’s hoping Alex doesn’t hurt himself on the racecar circuit and gets back in the studio soon.