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3 Words
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Cheryl Cole. Aka X Factor Judge, Girls Aloud singer, Mrs. Cole… these are just some of the names we know her by.  She’s been part of Girls Aloud since around 2002, which ironically was formed by public votes on another reality tv show called Popstars: The Rivals. Now on the judging panel on X Factor, Cheryl Cole’s using that as a platform to launch her solo career. Later this month her debut solo album called  3 Words. Rumour has it she’s going for the whole 80’s look, as can be seen in her first single Fight For This Love. In the scenes where she is dressed in leopard print trousers and white vest with scraped back hair in a ponytail look horrendous; however she does look cool in the other outfit where she is dressed like a soldier. The song itself is quite edgey and catchy, with a fastbeats and baseline. You might even find yourself humming to the main chorus. Lyric wise Cheryl Cole sounds like she is saying the words more than actually singing, but for the moment it seems to be working for her, as the background music blends in with her singing style. It will be intersting to hear what the rest of her ablum will sound like, when its released around 26th October 2009.



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