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Virtual Me
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This is Hatsune Miku, and one of the biggest singers in Japan. She has big eyes, is cute and has green hair, plus millions of adoring fans and hit records. And she is also virtual.

Not such a big deal you say? Well no, not when there are other artist’s like The Gorillaz, but this case is pretty unique. And that is because ‘Hatsune Miku’ was created in 2007, and consists of CGI and a vocal¬† a software program called “Vocaloid 2”. It’s a program that allows you to create vocal song just by typing the lyrics and setting the melody. Takes communication to another level!

It amazes me how it can look so cool, graphics wise, yet the whole thing is displayed on just a flat screen moniter, but the “artist” can move, jump around and even swish her hair as if she were real. When I was browsing, I saw the people who created the first 3D virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, have now created a whole new bunch of them. Below are videos of one of her ‘sister’s’, Megurine Luka, also a Vocaloid and CGI creation. Might just be me, but the pink princess seems to move abit more fluidly than the green haired one.

The last video I added because everything about it reminded me of the CGI video inserts that run throughout the Final Fantasy series. I’m just amazed by the number of different styles of animation used to show/display/present this “artist”. And yes, for this post my geeky side had emerged and taken over for this post.

The best part is the comments some people have written beneath the videos, saying things like ‘happy birthday megurine luka!’ and ‘i’d do anything to be there!’¬† and even ‘she has a beautiful voice!’ when, these “artists” don’t even exist. Not in the normal sense of living and breathing anyway.

Does this mean the end of real artists?

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