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They say that we can only access a mere 20% of our brains. So why can’t we use our full potential, and have access to all 100% of our brains? Isn’t that why we’ve evolved so much and come so far? Imagine what we could do as individuals, and what we can achieve as a species if everyone could have access to 100% of our brains… All those sci-fi films, anime, tv series and novels about inter-galactic space travel and time warping might actually become a reality – and soon! I’ve just gone with friends to see the film Limitless, which gives you a glimpse of this fantasy idea. And it is AWESOME!!! Why? Because the story is based on one guy, taking one transparent pill… one each day… and it opens his mind. Suddenly he can do anything and everything. He knows HOW; how to do something, how to achieve something. He, just, KNOWS. Once he sets his mind, he knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. But what if he stops taking this magic pill? And just who are those men that seem to always be there, following him like a shadow?

After watching the film, I believed that Eddie really had stopped taking this magic pill. That he had learned his lesson and he’s learning the normal way – naturally with time. But then, how did he know what he knew about his former employer-turned-manipulative-back-stabber Carl Van Loon? And what about the truck and taxi? You can train yourself to be super observant of your surroundings – but the way Eddie was talking to Van Loon, yet he declares he wasn’t taking it anymore, when they met again a year later. One of my friend’s think that Eddie was still taking the magic pill. But I’ll save the spoiler pointers. Because this is one film you do not want to miss! Instead I’ll leave you to drool over the trailer.

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