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Dracula: Untold
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(Spoiler alert)



It’s cold. It’s getting dark. Halloween is around the corner. What better than to watch a gothic film? what looked like a rehash, of an over-rehashed film, was suprisingly good. combing gothic fantasy, some action and a sprinkling of romance, it made for a cool film.

It does have some cheesy elements, but a healthy dose of cheese is good for you. The film itself was an above average film overall, but I loved it all the same. A refreshing take on an over done subject, showing Dracula’s side of the story, and showing how he has kept his humanity despite turning into a monster. All to save and protect his family and his people.


The special effects were so cool! Even tho it was only 1 and a half hours, it felt like a longer film. The pacing was good. At worse parts I actually sympathized with Dracula, because despite his new super powers and ability to now crush his enemies, he still could not save his wife.


There is an upside though; at least his son isn’t afraid of him, and that he survived through all those brutal battles. Plus is people were saved from the invasion, and most of them survived to see another day.


Fast forward a few centuries, and we see a familiar face in the crowds of a modern, cosmopolitan city. That face see;s another familiar face. It’s great to see him reunited with his wife’s reincarnation, in the future, in the modern world. But then the old vampire who gave Dracula his powers pops up, and speaks some telling, cautionary words,


“Let the games begin.”

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