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Zoe Bradley
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Zoe Bradley is an amazing sculptural artist, incorporating fashion, sculpture and theatre which is why I included her in the Origami posts. Here are some more examples of her work.

Proving that you can make a gorgeous dress even by using recycled material, such as paper.

A window display for Selfridges. Imagine the number of people who’d simply stop to stare at this?

A very talented Zoe Bradley shows us just how creative she can be, making dresses, accessories and impressive window displays simply by using the Japanese art of folding paper, Origami. Gigantic paper flowers using only the best papers are her signature style.

I love her work especially as it reminds me of Origami, and it seems she has put the Japanese art of folding paper to the Western Radar’s attention, while also getting into fashion there too.

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  1. danie says:

    Zoe Bradley, AWESOME