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Last Sunday I watched the first episode of Gossip Girl Season 3. Somehow this season has a kind of subdued atmosphere, missing the excitement of the previous seasons. Guess with a change in background, the transcension from High School to College calls for a different angle for the storyline. The characters seem to have had a mini make-over in terms of hair styles. Serena appears to be the same, long blond locks as always although so far in the series her clothes seem to shrink more with each episode. Blair is losing her cute-girl image, wearing a frilly green dress and big pink hat in the first episode. Can’t decide if Vanessa looks better or worse with straight hair. Her style is more bohemian than gypsy this time around. Curly hair suits her better I think. Wonder if her stylist is available?

The boys have had the biggest change though, with both Chuck and Nate sporting very similar hair do’s. I liked Nate more in the previous seasons because he had a more clean-cut image, but Chuck is quite suave with his slicked back hair and sharp suits. Dan… what happened to him? He seems  to have become kind of greasy looking with the new hair. Speaking of new, the new kid Scott promises to cause a huge storm. His connection to Dan and Serena had my head in a spin when a friend tried telling me exactly how the three of them are related – but its not incest. Not quite anyway.

Little Jenny Humphrey isn’t so little anymore. The super-tall-and-super-skinny whippet is becoming a stronger character herself, creating a strong punky image that pays homage to the likes of Debbie Harry and Madonna. When it comes to style, I think the supporting characters Jenny and Vanessa have more flair and individuality than the other girls because they seem more unique. What do you think? And with the new image over-haul, which guy is now hottest?

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