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Latex Wedding Dresses
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A couple of my friends are getting married soon, three friends this year, and one next year, (one is only a year older, and the others are a few years older than me). Nearly every time I see them, or when there is a big get together, the sort where everybody who’s anybody actually turns up for a long over-due chin wag, the main topic of conversation is… yeah, that’s right, weddings. The main point was ‘how to be different but still look good?’.  After hearing various things about trends, designers and styles, I thought I’d Google what was out there to see what the new trends are, and I found this interesting point about ‘being unique’. Which brings us here: latex wedding dresses! It seems to be turning into a trend of sorts on the catwalk amongst designers (just don’t get married in the Summer or you’ll turn into a sweaty betty). It’s a novel idea mostly because traditionally the colour white symbolised a bride’s purity, as the colour also represents innocence.

Do you know how and why people always wear a white dress for a Western wedding? It all began when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 when she wore a white dress. After that it became tradition to wear white on your big day, something made more accessible to the average woman due to the arrival of The Department Store after the Industrial Revolution in the 1890’s. And when Coco Chanel designed the first knee-length white dress, that pretty much meant that it was cemented as the universal colour of a wedding dress. Individuality and custom design came later when Grace Kelly wore a dress made of white silk and lace for her marriage in the 1950’s.

So a novel idea plus kinky latex material; what would you do to stand out?


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