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His & Hers – Is there no distinction anymore?
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The other week on the radio, I heard the people at the Ugg company are making….. yes you might have guessed it, Uggs for men! As if there aren’t already lots of women’s products creating a more “masculine” version for their counterparts. Originally it was worn by men first, but then became hugely popular with women to the point of becoming a status symbol. It quickly turned into another one of those things which can define who and what you are and how much you earn, as Ugg boots aren’t exactly cheap.

They have been around for quite sometime now, and their popularity maybe starting to take a very gradual dive. This is indicated by the steady increase in sales advertising Ugg boots with something like 60% off. Perhaps by lauching the Men’s Ugg boots and expanding the range, the company hopes to pro-long the lifespan of the Ugg boot by appealing to a different audience. Already there are some celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Orlando Bloom and Justib Timberlake who are sporting the new trend. The boots themselves don’t really look that bad on guys, infact they even seem unisex. But perhaps because it was so popular with women, that it has inevitably become associated as a woman’s accessory, that it might have a stigma attatched to it which could put most men off. As with alot of new trends, I think it will be slow to catch on but would eventually be yet another trend. Also as it has been a freakishly cold winter this year, guys might just adopt this new trend just to keep warm men. Or at least that’s what the male celebrities seem to be doing.

It’s yet another product with the label “masculine” and tends to have a more streamlined and dark toned look/ packaging, but at the end of the day it’s still just the same as what we women use. Either it’s a re-branding of something ordinary such as facial moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or captilising on something that’s popular amongst women, and making a male version. A great  money maker no doubt, but I’m probably being a little biased here. Girls have always borrowed boyfriend’s clothes, and so the clothing industry have cottoned on, designed boyfriend jeans/jackets etc etc, and sold it to women as the next fashion must have. Somehow it seems cute and acceptable for women to do this, to add that extra edge to one’s image or create a more casual look. But when it comes to men using a ‘male friendly’ version of our beauty products, and now our fashion accessories too, it jus seems wrong somehow. Almost as though this could add a feminine touch to their image or ego which, unless you don’t mind,  might be one trend which may not be very popular.

I asked a group of male friends about if they would ever ear Uggs. No matter how cool, or which famous faces are wearing them, they will not be seen wearing Uggs. Why? Because to the average guy, this footwear is perceives as being girly. It’s something that only girls wear. Although the majority said no way, the odd one or two said maybe… if it was cheaper.

So if girls wear it was a fashion statement, the same reason one would buy designer shoes for example, what reason would men wear Uggs for?

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1 Comment to “His & Hers – Is there no distinction anymore?”

  1. No, no, no. Ugg boots will never be seen on my feet. Nothing against the ‘brand’ but the boots style pictured above – ugh, no way. I think it’s way too feminine to be marketed to guys. They’d have to be made much more rugged like Timberland boots style. In my opinion anyway.. I suppose it’s all subjective.