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Feather Eyelashes
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While I was looking at what the new make-up trends are for S/S 2011, I found these! This is a new trend that I’ve caught wind of! Never mind using ordinary false eyelashes, or even fancy ones; why bother blending in when you can use feather eyelashes and really make a statement?

Shu Uemura

Wearing feathered eyelashes will give you that extra edge, and make your look appear more dramatic. It’s not only for the rich and famous either, because as it becomes more popular, more brands across all price points would be selling them. So everybody can experiment with their looks.

Kakuyasu Ushiide for Shu Uemura



Primo Tacca Neto

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1 Comment to “Feather Eyelashes”

  1. sarah says:

    i love feather accessories your collection is gorgeous really like

    your trendy collection of feather eyelashes and i am dame sure this is the best

    collection of feather eyelashes 2011 i have ever seen keep it up …