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British Invasion
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First it was Topshop that crossed the pond to conquer America. Now another one of our top British brands is also heading Stateside to try their luck. London’s very own All Saints is another homegrown brand launching an invasion. Known for their trademark edgey-rock-chick-meets-whimsical-bohemian, this autumn sees their image change to a more relaxed appraoch, embracing the indie spirit and being less aggressive.

So where do you go if your going to the US? Why NYC, the fashion capital of course, and Bloomingdale’s was chosen as their launch pad. It won’t be too long before All Saints stretches it’s wings to cover more places in America.

Topshop was what made us proud to be British before they took that big leap, because we had something uber trendy that the Americans didn’t. Now that All Saints have also joined them over there, who or what can replace them?

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