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Big Bang – Let me hear your voice
Categories: Fashion, Music, TV / Film

Well, what can I say? I love how cool, trendy and cute all of the guys look, espcially Seungri and T.O.P! ^^ Oh and the video is great too! Overall a fab tune!

But what I wanted to say, was that when i first discovered Big Bang, I thought that they made really interesting MV’s like looked like mini films rather than just an MV. Whereas 2PM and I thought ‘hmm, Bing Bang make nice videos but their songs can be abit naff/so-so, but 2PM make great songs with a heavy bassline which is what I look for in music, but their videos are naff/so-so. This is the video I found to compare them with (I was listening to 2PM’s 01:59PM album at the time) What do you think?

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