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Aspirational TV – Time to come back down to Earth?
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This is the best I can come up with in terms of video, but the presenter Charlie Brooker is pure genius! In this episode he tells us how, back in the day, TV adverts used to be for just that purpose – to sell a product. For example cooking shows were actually more about the actual cooking, and not brandishing the type of insanely luxurious lifestyle that’s meant to come with said product (providing you buy that designer shoe, then you too can feel like and even become a celebrity!) One example they used was Lenor (a laundry conditioner), and the ‘scent’ was diamonds and orchids. Really, I can make my clothes smell like diamonds? Woohoo!



Another type of “aspirational TV” would be TV shows such as Gossip Girl. A secret insider who see’s just what goes on in the lives of the fictional kids of New York’s wealthy; and whispers some gossip to us. You know it’s just TV, but maybe, just maybe, some portion of the creative spin is based on a few threads of truth, and probably in a subconscious way you start to secretly wish you could live like they do too. Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream and hope right? Just don’t forget your day job or you could be eating baked beans for a while. (Between you and me, I wish I had access to the girl’s wardrobes!).

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