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Boy Chanel
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So what do you think of when you think of Chanel? The classic No.5 perfume, the strings of pearls, the quilted handbags with the inter-locked C’s, and the breton stripes. Just about everything else produced by the house of Chanel is known for it’s feminine take on menswear, but a masculine take on femininity? Well in this coming September, Karl Lagerfeld is launching a new line of handbags for the Chanel House, which are inspired by Coco Chanel’s romance with Boy Capel, an English aristocrat. He also inspired her famous breton stripe design. The new range will be called Boy Chanel, and the masculine influence is clear with the chunky gold chain strap, long enough to be a cross-body or shoulder bag,  simple embossing and chunky clasp with the signature double C’s. Made from glazed calf skin, the Boy Chanel bags will come in in black, white, grey and red, as classic as the icon herself.

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