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This is is pretty amazing, to say that he can sing an entire song with just his voice and mouth alone! I’ve heard beat boxing with just your mouth is a skill in itself, but I think this takes it to another level!

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Just how cool would it be to have light bulbs like these in your house? Granted it won’t be as cheap as your average energy -saving light bulb, but if you’re going to design your own house from scratch, for example, then I would push the boat out and get at least one of these! […]

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Just in case your tea time becomes somewhat dull and boring, I thought these would definitely bring the fun back into tea drinking. Plus it could prove to be an interesting talking point during a get together with friends. A little on the erotic side maybe, the uniquely cute and kitsch illustrations of naked girls […]

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If you are lucky enough to live in New York or somewhere near it in America, then you’ll be able to go the the exciting fashion exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, by The Costume Institute¬† at the MET Museum! The exhibition is to showcase the best designs from the late designer’s collections spanning his whole […]

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While browsing on some of my favourite blogs, I came across these works of art by BLEACH London, and I think they’re fab! Alex Brownsell, the creative director of the London salon responsible for making tie-dye, technicoloured hair that’s more colourful than Jacobs techni-coloured raincoat look cool, has opened his open salon spot in Topshop’s […]

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A friend was telling me about a new range of jewellery they had discovered, called Furry Bones. I find them cute in a wacky way. You’d need a sense of humour to wear these, as they’re probably not for everybody. As for me? I’d wear them! It also reminds me of an old cartoon that […]

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So you’ve seen what people have made using Lego as inspiration to make food. How about what people can create making food with Lego?¬† Now this is what I call creative!   Dim sum. Mmm sashimi! Sadly I didn’t make these, but they do look cool in a pixelated way! (image source   No… […]

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I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across something about Lego inspired food. Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to Google it and see what came up. And this is what I’ve found! Might have to track down the recipe for making Lego gummy sweets and have a […]

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Whilst I was doing some research into what the makeup trends will be for this year, I found some really creative false eyelash designs, and a rising interest in the novel idea of having feather eyelashes. But then i came across something really interesting but also a little weird; LED eyelashes! A woman called Soomi […]

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Although it’s not part of the Black Swan film franchise, it’s definitely been inspired by the ballet film. This gorgeous ring is made with solid white gold and black diamonds and you can find it here on Amazon . It will add that perfect finishing touch to any outfit, regardless of the occasion.