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Today’s Google Doodle was created by the famous Murakami, lending his creative magic with cartoon-inspired drawings to the popular internet search engine, to celebrate the Summer Solstice, as today is the longest day of the year. It incorporates ‘Superflat art’ an art movement started by the artist in Japan, probably way back in 2001! Murakami’s […]

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I think I might actually start to like electronica. Or at least Japanese electronica, after listening to Off The Wall by Saori@destiny. She has released about two albums already, and is apparently releasing a mini album on the 15th. (Why not just release a full album??). The rhythm of this teaser sounds like a mix […]

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So you’ve seen what people have made using Lego as inspiration to make food. How about what people can create making food with Lego?  Now this is what I call creative!   Dim sum. Mmm sashimi! Sadly I didn’t make these, but they do look cool in a pixelated way! (image source   No… […]

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Yes you read it right! This is the Night Version of Rihanna’s Who’s that chick? video. I like it, only I wish the scenes wouldn’t change quite so fast. It’s almost hypnotic…

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Whilst I was doing some research into what the makeup trends will be for this year, I found some really creative false eyelash designs, and a rising interest in the novel idea of having feather eyelashes. But then i came across something really interesting but also a little weird; LED eyelashes! A woman called Soomi […]

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Elizabeth Delfs is a genius; sculptural etheral fashion. It all looks so floaty and weightless, and some of the coloured pieces are great too. See for yourself.

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Saw this and thought it deserves a mention on here. It’s pretty clear that the main inspiration could be from Japanese Manga, because of the faceless dancers but mostly because of Britney’s white tent-like dress, which… has hands poking out from inside! All the wires and tv screens also give it that very techy impression.

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Nowadays anything is pretty much… possible. At Uni I knew about some fashion students who were using the new laser-cutting machine to create beautiful yet intricate lace designs on their creations. It’s amazing because this machine will translate the students designs while also saving them precious time. But have you heard of, or even seen, […]

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Bah humbug! Monday again huh? Never fear, Music Monday is here! XD It looked like it was a lot of fun filming/making this video. And have you noticed Rihanna is wearing PINK LATEX suspenders? Ooh la la!